Sappi releases educational materials for creatives and marketers in fashion industry

Verticals: Fashion Marketing is the second installment of Sappi’s educational series for creatives and marketers.

Sappi North America (Boston, MA), part of a global company focused on providing dissolving wood pulp, paper pulp, paper-based and bio-refinery solutions to its customers in over 150 countries, has announced the launch of Verticals: Fashion Marketing – the second installment of the company’s educational series for marketers. The new guide focuses on the fashion industry and highlights successful marketing and promotional approaches used by leading brands. Sappi’s Verticals Series dives into individual markets serviced by the company while examining the unique challenges, traditions and idiosyncrasies each faces when communicating with target audiences. Sappi tackled The Marketing of Higher Education in the first part of the series, and is now taking a close look at the world of fashion.

Patti Groh.

“Sappi takes pride in creating resources that designers, marketers and creatives can leverage when they’re looking for inspiration. With retail and fashion changing so quickly, we knew that this was the next industry to cover through Verticals ,” said Patti Groh, Director of Marketing Communications at Sappi North America. “Nearly every part of our business touches the fashion industry – from our high-quality paper for magazines, catalogues and print advertising, our packaging offerings for shopping bags and boxes, our dissolving wood pulp used to create sustainable fabrics, to our release textures for handbags, apparel and footwear. We hope our research and expertise provide inspiration for luxury marketers.”

Printed on Sappi’s premium McCoy paper, Verticals: Fashion Marketing dives into current marketing trends such as micro-influencers, sustainability, omni-channel shopping, mass customization, and premium brand experiences. Much of the guide is devoted to case studies on how leading brands are setting themselves apart through innovative approaches to consumer marketing. Sappi also showcases how print remains a vital part of the marketing mix, with examples of special effects that evoke the tactile side of fashion. Verticals: Fashion Marketing was also named a finalist for the 2020 PPI Awards in the Bringing Paper to Life category – which recognizes campaigns that utilize print and paper in innovative ways to inspire end users.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.