Association for PRINT Technologies releases online disaster recovery toolkit

The Association for PRINT Technologies (APTech – Reston, Virginia) has announced the release of its free, online Disaster Recovery Toolkit to help businesses manage the unprecedented COVID-19 disruption. The toolkit provides tips and best practices along with a downloadable disaster recovery plan that can be adapted for businesses that want to develop a plan for the future. The four-part series is designed to assist businesses impacted directly and indirectly by the current Coronavirus pandemic, especially when a plan is not yet in place.

Users will learn how to create a disaster response and recovery plan, how to effectively communicate to staff and customers during a crisis, and how to do the tough work during rough times – such as ‘Spring Cleaning’ your customer base, policies, procedures and staffing. The Disaster Recovery Toolkit also offers a customizable plan to help businesses take a thoughtful approach to the many important components of recovery following a disaster – without wasting time, resources or drifting from the main objective of ensuring the continued success of your business in the future.

Ken Garner.

“There are many question marks along the road ahead. The suggestions in this guide are intended to help companies identify the unknowns by giving them a competitive advantage and a solid start to disaster preparedness,” said Ken Garner, Senior Vice President of Content Creation at APTech. “The Association for PRINT Technologies is always keeping an eye out for your business. As an association, we promise to always speak the truth, take risks, and inspire new ideas to help you and your business thrive,” said Garner.

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