FM Future to launch FuturePrint Virtual Summit June 2 – 4

In response to the current worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic, event organizer FM Future has announced that the first FuturePrint Virtual Summit will take place online from Tuesday, June 2 to Thursday, June 4, 2020. Free for all attendees and participants, the objective of the summit is to provide an online platform to connect the international printing industry – and to facilitate knowledge sharing, valuable networking, product and service updates, and “provide the inspiration and support to stimulate businesses during and beyond this very challenging period.”

FuturePrint organizers Frazer Chesterman (left) and Marcus Timson.

“In March, FuturePrint launched a series of April webinars under the theme ‘Stay Safe, Stay Connected.’ These generated some surprising interest,” said Event Co-Director Marcus Timson. “So, we then thought why not extend this to provide a more significant level of content across a wider spectrum of print? Our thinking is that we want to simply extend and amplify this value, and in so doing, help the market to connect and gain access to some quality insights delivered by experts, leaders and other professionals and partners within the sector – at a time when we all need it the most,” Timson pointed out.

Co-Director Frazer Chesterman added: “The Coronavirus has massively impacted on face-to-face events across the world. We at FM Future are part of the event community and we can see that a number of our event colleagues in different sectors have already made use of amazing virtual technology to help hold their communities together. Being part of the printing industry for nearly 20 years, and having such large networks, we are uniquely placed to use this virtual technology to help the print community remain connected, and to ensure we share good ideas and great technology. Most importantly, we felt that it was crucial that this be a ‘free to participate and attend’ initiative, to ensure that any business could take part without further financial pressure.” Timson and Chesterman previously ran the FESPA Tradshows from 2003 up until 2011, then launched FM Brooks and launched EcoPrint, and the InPrint Shows. After exiting the industry in 2019, they established FM Future, a strategic consultancy firm designed to help print and events businesses improve their communications.

Graham Kennedy, Ricoh Europe, a strategic partner for FuturePrint, explained further: “We, as an industry, need to come together and this dateline is helpful as by then I’m sure we will have more clarity over the direction we need to take. The market has had a shock over the past few weeks and to some extent, I sense we are all assembling our thoughts to understand what this means going forward. The FuturePrint Virtual Summit, taking place June 2-4, will provide us with a really useful platform to connect and hear the latest thinking – but to also share some of the projects and innovations that are being worked on. We look forward to the positive outcome it will have.”

How will it be structured?
 Three days taking place June 2-4 and comprising both pre-recorded and live sessions. The summit will include content on Commercial Print, Wide-Format, Industrial Print and Packaging.

What kind of format and how will it work?

  • Webinar panel discussions
  • Interviews and fireside chats
  • Short presentations
  • Virtual coffee and networking

Collaborative, not commercial. Ben Dodson, Managing Director of leading graphic arts Marketing and PR Company, Bespoke, and supporting partner, added: “Frazer, Marcus and I have worked together over the years in a variety of different projects. In these unprecedented times when we are removed from our places of work, our ability to connect face-to-face is reduced – but the need to learn, gain insight, help and educate remains. This current crisis will be temporary, but is nonetheless significant. This initiative will provide a virtual place where people can come to learn, network and dip in and out of panel discussions, interviews and presentations. More importantly, the summit is not looking to capitalize on or replace the events or tradeshows that couldn’t run in 2020 (hence why it’s free for all), but instead, be a one-off source of help to stimulate ideas and enable businesses to make critical changes today, or make smart plans for a successful ‘reboot’ once life returns to normal.”

No investment required. For participants, there is no cost and no financial investment other than your time.

 The marketplace is under stress, so this virtual summit is designed to help, which is why it’s free for all to attend. However, organizers are asking participants to self-promote their participation and that media partners communicate with their respective communities about the event. “Of course,” said organizers, “we would be interested in involving media partners in hosting panels and discussions. And we want to involve leaders in printing technology, printers, consultants, agencies, designers and others. The spirit and the goals are collaborative. If you’re interested in participating, speaking, supporting or inquiring, please do register below and make it clear what kind of specific interest you have in the event.”

Who is supporting the event? Already, organizers have the support of FuturePrint Partners: Ricoh Europe, Integration Technology, Kavalan, Meteor Inkjet, Sihl, Sun Chemical, Global Inkjet Systems, Inca Digital, Memjet and Kao Collins. Other supporting organisations include strategic marketing partner Bespoke and digital marketing partner 3B Digital.

Act now! Register here: If you would like to participate, promote, become a speaker, partner or simply discuss some ideas, please contact Marcus Timson at or Frazer Chesterman at