SwissQprint adds orange and varnish applications

Orange will expand swissQprint’s colour gamut.

SwissQprint (Kriessern, Switzerland) has released two new options to broaden the already wide range of applications for its large-format printers. They include orange to expand the colour gamut, and varnish for the Karibu roll-to-roll printer. Like all other swissQprint colour channels, the orange and varnish channels can be retrofitted or re-equipped on existing LED printers at any time. This means that existing customers can also benefit from the new creative possibilities.

In order to reproduce corporate colours more accurately and expand the overall colour gamut, a new orange ink is now available to swissQprint users. The orange can be used as a combination with process colours, or directly as a spot colour. Its colour values are essentially the same as Pantone 021 – in other words a fresh, bright orange. The new orange complements standard ink sets for swissQprint LED flatbed printers as well as the Karibu roll-to-roll printer.

SwissQprint’s Karibu wide-format roll-to-roll printer.

SwissQprint has also developed a highly flexible varnish for its Karibu roll-to-roll flatbed. Users can apply partial coats and optional multiple layers to create appealing visual and tactile effects that accentuate patterns on wallpaper, for example, or produce elegant lacquer lettering on dark-roll media, said the OEM. A varnish coating overprinted on process inks also makes the ink layer more resistant to water and solvents – ideal for printed products that see regular cleaning. Of course, the varnish can also fully cover the process layer to provide surface gloss as well as an easy means of sealing. In addition to fending off water and solvents, the technology also improves abrasion and scuff resistance.