COVID-19 Heroes: PAC members reveal inspirational contributions to their communities

The Packaging Consortium (PAC) recently asked it members to submit their stories and tell the industry how they’re contributing to their local communities, across Canada, or the world at large, during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The responses were both inspirational and overwhelming. Members came together to contribute much-needed funding, re-purposed their equipment and overall operations to manufacture PPE and other necessary healthcare equipment, and partnered in other altruistic initiatives. The organization is asking any members not listed below to contact them so that they can share their exceptional deeds.

The PAC Packaging Consortium, founded in 1950, is a not-for-profit industry organization that has over 2,500 members throughout the packaging value chain. Its networking services include webinars, seminars, conferences, competitions, facility tours, educational programs, tradeshows, technical working groups, and social activities such as golf tournaments. PAC consistently drives progressive change in the packaging value chain through leadership, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Below is a collection of some of the wonderful work that PAC members are doing to help: