DIA explores what employers and employees need to know about COVID-19

The Digital Imaging Association’s (DIA’s) May 20 online webinar brought together experts to answer questions about COVID-19 issues affecting both employers and employees at printing and related companies. It guided viewers through the legalities, financial impact and personnel issues, among other topics.

Chantel Goldsmith.

The panel included: Chantel Goldsmith (Labour & Employment Law and Partner at Samfiru Tumarkin); Susan Dean-Norton (Human Resources Country Manager at HP Canada); and Jason Roth (CPA, CA and VP of Finance & Operations, Business Partner, Americas, Heidelberg Canada Graphic Equipment). Here are just a few takeaways from the DIA’s second online event this year:

  • Those working from home should choose an optimal work location free of distractions and create a daily routine that includes other varied activities to keep employees alert.
  • Susan Dean-Norton.

    Employers and employees should stay up to date on all government revenue-support programs during the pandemic – including CERB, CEBA, CEWS, CECRA, TWS and the BDC’s Co-Lending Program.

  • Investigate Canada’s temporary changes to its work-sharing programs that allow employers to split jobs between multiple employees and provide EI benefits for non-working staffers.
  • Be aware of all federal tax-payment and tax-filing deadline extensions.
  • As your business re-opens, first meet virtually with all employees and explain what the “new normal” will look like. Then customize your workplace with distancing protocols, install hand-sanitizing stations, and
    Jason Roth.

    keep incoming client areas and employee areas totally separate.

  • Check the implications of employee layoffs, re-hiring and staffing with your current advisors – such as banks, company lawyers and other stakeholders. This is important because no legal precedents are available to the courts based on any similar situations in the past.
  • Make sure your re-opening transition is gradual by maintaining some work-from-home employees in addition to welcoming back selected on-site staffers.