Mutoh launches two new small-format UV-LED printers

Mutoh XpertJet661UF.
Brian Phipps.

Mutoh America, an industry-leading manufacturer of wide-format printers, has announced the introduction of its latest UV-LED printers. “The XPJ-461UF and the XPJ-661UF offer many new features including a modern and sleek design along with an expanded print area,” said Brian Phipps, President of Mutoh America. “In addition to all the notable features of the previous models, both the XPJ-461 and the XPJ-661 include Mutoh’s innovative and unique UV-LED Lamp Local Dimming Control Technology which produces glossy, semi-glossy and matte-varnish printing simultaneously, with colours and/or white printing in a single pass. In addition, the new models shorten print times and improve productivity while reducing grain and banding.”

Steve Gluskin.
Mutoh XpertJet461UF.

Steve Gluskin, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Mutoh America, added: “The introduction of the XPJ-461UF and the XPJ-661UF UV- LED printers continues with Mutoh’s expansion of its XpertJet platform which enhances the users experience. These models will be especially popular for those looking to produce trophies and awards, signage and braille, personalized products, name badges, promotional products, interior décor, packaging prototypes, drinkware and much more.”