Jones Healthcare Group invests in new Uhlmann Blister Packaging Line

Jones Healthcare Group (London, Ontario), a market leader in advanced packaging and medication dispensing solutions, has made a significant investment in taking its packaging services to an unprecedented new level, in the form of a new, fully integrated two-lane Uhlmann Blister Packaging Line. The highly automated equipment will increase the company’s capacity to manage high-demand surges and unique blister combinations, as more complex pharmaceutical dosage forms and regimes evolve, both clinically and commercially. The new line will be installed at the company’s Brampton, Ontario production facility and should be fully operational by early next year.

The Uhlmann Blister Packaging Line.

“Our new line offers the highest quality, productivity and flexibility for blister packaging in a Health Canada and FDA-registered facility – including a full serialization and aggregation solution for prescription medicines,” said Marty Quesnel, Senior VP of Packaging Services at Jones. “We’re proud to work with world-class pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer Uhlmann to expand our offerings with state-of-the-art technology.”

Fully compliant with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), the automated line includes a two-lane B1440 Blister Machine and C 2305 Cartoner, as well as end-of-line stretch wrapping and bundling. The equipment is capable of multi-product blistering for more complex dosing regimens, and multi-product cartoning for combination packs. The line also integrates a wide range of forming and lidding films, such as PVC, Alu+Alu and child-resistant formats, with compatibility for multiple products and carton formats.

Ron Harris.

“Now more than ever, our pharmaceutical customers look to us to manage more of their packaging processes,” said Ron Harris, President and CEO at Jones Healthcare Group. “This helps them meet unprecedented demand for over-the-counter headache, cold and other respiratory products for our communities, while also pivoting resources to support the pandemic response. Our ongoing investment in services and capabilities ensures that healthcare companies can continue to count on us as a reliable, resilient supply-chain partner,” Harris pointed out.