FTA releases Flexography: Principles & Practices booklets

Flexography: Principles & Practices 6.0, is the sixth edition of the  FTA’s technical resource manual launched in 1962.

The Flexographic Technical Association (FTA – Bohemia, New York) has announced the release of a collection of booklets, each comprising topics essential to a specific area of the flexographic printing process. The booklets’ content comes from Flexography: Principles & Practices 6.0, the sixth edition of FTA’s helpful technical resource manual introduced initially in 1962. Flexographers in need of comprehensive and precise information on a particular topic will find the booklets’ brevity and focus invaluable. “We all need to know something about flexography – how an image carrier works, the mechanics of a press, colour formulation – but many of us don’t need to know everything,” said Joe Tuccitto, FTA’s Director of Education. “The purpose of the Flexography: Principles & Practices booklets is to enable industry members to concentrate on only the skills they need to grow, and provide an even more affordable way to do that,” he added.

The six-entry series includes:

  • All About Color, covering an introduction to colour fundamentals, process color and FIRST Methodology for process colour (78 pages, $19.99 USD for FTA members)
  • Encountering Flexography, covering an introduction to flexography, flexographic market segments, the flexographic revolution and the flexographic printing press (44 pages, $9.99 USD for FTA members)
  • Image Carrier & Components, covering the image carrier, platemaking, mounting principles and mounting practices (80 pages, $19.99 USD for FTA members)
  • Ink & Ink Formulation, covering ink, colour formulation, ink metering and ink in the pressroom (78 pages, $19.99 USD for FTA members)
  • Press Mechanics, covering press mechanics and drive systems, web handling, and web treatment and processing (78 pages, $19.99 USD for FTA members)
  • Print Quality, covering print quality assurance, quality assurance and web inspection systems (44 pages, $9.99 USD for FTA members)

For more information about the Flexography: Principles & Practices series, please visit www.flexography.org/fpp.