Contex launches world’s fastest CIS scanner series

The Contex IQ Quattro X Scanner.

Contex (Alleroed, Denmark), a world leader in large-format scanning, has unveiled its IQ Quattro X Scanner, the 5th-generation Contex CIS scanner series. “The IQ Quattro X is an essential scanner for reprographic shops, the AEC community, and businesses that require scanning accuracy with technical drawings and other large-format documents, especially at high volume,” said the OEM. The Energy-Star-compliant IQ Quattro X series comes in 36” and 44” widths. The IQ Quattro X is designed to scan 40% faster and transfer data at three times the speed of its predecessor. The scanner is also equipped with Contex Live Alignment, a new technology that ensures sharp image alignment even at high scanning speeds. The new scanner series is also Nextimage-Remote-enabled. This feature brings all main functions for basic scanning and copying directly in front of the operator via a time-saving tablet. Contact Imaging Sensor (CIS) scanning uses a standard lens to reduce the original image onto the sensor. The technology uses fibre-optic lenses to transfer the original image information to an array of sensors. “Contex is always innovating and we’re excited to launch the world’s fastest CIS scanner, the IQ Quattro X series,” said Jacob Bendix, CCO & VP of Global Sales & Marketing at Contex A/S. “Our advanced technologies are based on customer feedback, and the results exceed customers’ requirements for quality, speed and ease of use. The IQ Quattro X is a must-have for businesses that want to expedite scanning projects with exceptional results.”

Faster in colour than any other large-format CIS scanner in the market, said the company, the IQ Quattro X scans up to 17.8” per second and utilizes a 1GB extreme buffer, which eliminates waiting between scans. Further boosting productivity, the Nextimage Remote scanning app can significantly reduce the number of times the operator needs to move between the scanner and the workstation. It also captures details from technical drawings with 48-bit CIS technology and 1,200-dpi optical resolution. The scanner series is equipped with Contex CleanScan CIS modules that maximize optical image quality with dual-sided LED lighting. Unique to Contex scanners, these modules eliminate creases and folds in originals, which are typically a challenge for CIS scanners.

The IQ Quattro X also includes Color Fringe Removal (CFR), an advanced Contex-patented filtering technology designed to remove the fringes inherent in CIS strobing scanning devices. It’s available in multiple configurations, including a standalone scanner with the Nextimage scanning software and Nextimage Remote app. The IQ Quattro X can be configured as a ScanStation Pro or as an all-in-one multifunction printer (MFP) solution by connecting a large-format printer. Contex solutions are compatible with all leading large-format printers, the OEM added.