Epson unveils SureColor P700 and P900 Desktop Photo Printers

Epson SureColor P700 Photo Printer.

Facilitating the creation of “exhibition quality prints from the convenience of a desktop,” Epson (Los Alamitos, California) has added new 13-inch SureColor P700 and 17-inch SureColor P900 Photo Printers to its desktop line. The new compact printers replace the SureColor P600 and SureColor P800 respectively, and are the first models equipped with a new 10-channel MicroPiezo AMCTM printhead, with dedicated channels for both Photo and Matte Black inks, as well as new UltraChrome PRO10 pigment ink with Violet, for an extremely wide colour gamut. At the same time, Epson also released the new Epson Print Layout software for iOS devices, allowing users to easily print directly from an iPhone or iPad in a full-colour, managed workflow.

Epson SureColor P900 Photo Printer.

The SureColor P700 and SureColor P900 are the first printers compatible with Epson Print Layout software for iOS, giving users an intuitive workflow with easy printer selection, layout and colour management settings, as well as an Advanced Black-and-White Mode live preview. It provides users with the ability to change paper orientation, arrange, size, and crop images, customized frame and border options for gallery wrap printing, and automatic paper sizing for panoramas – to create frame-ready prints on a variety of Epson medias and sizes directly from a mobile device. In addition, Epson Print Layout software for Microsoft Windows and MaciOS desktop users has also been updated to reflect the new Epson Media Installer features on the SureColor P700 and SureColor P900. Additional improvements in usability, compatibility and performance have been included, as well as tech support for all compatible SureColor P-Series Printers.

“Today many carry a high-resolution camera in their iOS mobile devices, and a majority of our photographs are often forgotten in our camera roll or posted once on social media – but rarely printed to be enjoyed and shared,” said Reed Hecht, Group Product Manager for Professional Imaging at Epson.

Reed Hecht.

“The new Epson Print Layout iOS application, coupled with the new SureColor P700 and SureColor P900 desktop printers, provide photographers with the first colour-managed printing application for iOS devices, meeting the mobile workflow needs of today’s amateur and creative professionals, while also offering an easy way to produce high quality colour-managed photographs.”

Epson added that the new SureColor P700 and SureColor P900 incorporate the same large-format printing technology used by world-leading photographers. Leveraging a new 10-channel MicroPiezo AMC Printhead, with dedicated channels for both Photo and Matte Black ink types, and new UltraChrome PRO10 pigment ink with Violet, the desktop printers deliver an extremely wide colour gamut, as previously mentioned. The compact printers also support Advanced Black and White Mode “to create unparalleled, professional black and white photographs” and Carbon Black Mode which dramatically increases Dmax by up to 11%, for best-in-class black density and reduced bronzing and gloss differential on glossy media.