Mohawk launches new Skytone Swatchbook

Mohawk, North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of fine papers, envelopes and specialty substrates for commercial and digital printing, has released a redesigned swatchbook for its Skytone paper. The new format is designed to make the paper-specifying process “clearer and more inspirational” for designers and printers. The Skytone Swatchbook is the second in the company’s series … Read more →

APP marks second anniversary of its Forest Conversation Policy with a positive independent evaluation of its progress

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) has welcomed the Rainforest Alliance’s independent evaluation of its Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) that includes an unprecedented, comprehensive ‘Zero Deforestation’ environmental commitment to eliminate all natural forest clearance across its supply chain. The news is important to Canadian commercial printers because many APP products now sold in Canada are manufactured … Read more →

Allegra Network chooses Avanti Slingshot from Ricoh for its 270 franchises across North America

Ricoh Americas Corporation and Avanti Computer Systems Limited, a leading Canadian-based provider of Print MIS solutions, have announced that Allegra Network LLC, a world leader in marketing and business communications franchises, has chosen Avanti Slingshot to be the core of its WorkStream fully integrated web storefront to MIS workflow automation solution. It will be offered … Read more →

Digital Imaging Association to explore Intelligent Manufacturing at February 18 meeting

As the pace of business today accelerates, there is a greater need to access reliable plant-floor activity data to allow management to make faster, more informed decisions. Traditionally, industry growth during economic booms came from a casual management approach to decision making. “Knowledge spillover” – the acquisition of knowledge by hiring personnel from more successful … Read more →

HP introduces new high-definition nozzle for HP Inkjet Web Presses as well as a new inventory management system

HP’s new High-Definition Nozzle Architecture Printhead doubles the native print resolution of current HP inkjet printheads from 10,560 to 21,120 nozzles. It now delivers 2,400 nozzles per inch and supports dual drop weight per colour “for sharp text, fine lines, accurate skin tones, smooth gray and colour transitions, and enhanced highlight and shadow detail.” Built-in … Read more →

RGD’s Creative Directions Conference to take place Saturday, March 7 in Toronto

On Saturday, March 7th, The Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) will host its 2015 Creative Directions Conference (formerly HeadStart), the organization’s largest annual career development event for emerging creative professionals and those looking for fresh perspectives on the industry. The conference includes opportunities to visit leading creative studios, connect with industry influencers, receive constructive … Read more →

PrintPlanet and Ultimate TechnoGraphics release whitepaper on the advantages of bindery automation

Montreal-based Ultimate TechnoGraphics and have released a new whitepaper about bindery automation, written by veteran print industry analyst and leading author Richard Romano. Automation has become a critical component of the print production workflow. In order for printing companies to compete effectively in today’s challenging market, productivity and efficiency have become essential. However, said … Read more →

Kornit launches new discharge ink for DTG digital printing

Kornit Digital, a leading provider of digital textile printing solutions, has launched a new-generation discharge ink for its Kornit Avalanche DC Pro direct-to-garment (DTG) printing system. This solution creates “unique digitally-printed garments which have a natural feel when touched – which is exactly what the fashion industry is looking for.” The technology enables garment decorators … Read more →

Dell upgrades its Precision M3800 Workstation

Dell’s Precision M3800 Workstation, the world’s thinnest and lightest 15-inch mobile workstation for video editors, graphic designers and other high-end users, has been enhanced with several new features. The M3800 was designed specifically to provide the performance, reliability and ISV-certifications necessary to run demanding video and film editing applications on a mobile workstation. Its flagship … Read more →

Print sales expert Dave Fellman launches “The Printing Sales DNA Project” and invites your input now

Renowned printing industry consultant and Graphic Arts Magazine Columnist Dave Fellman has launched The Printing Sales DNA Project, a research study to determine what skills, attitudes and personality traits are most important to printing salespeople. Every salesperson in the industry is being invited to participate, along with every printing company owner and sales manager. The … Read more →