HP introduces One Package Workflow Suite for PageWide corrugated converters

HP has characterized its new One Package Workflow Suite for PageWide Industrial corrugated presses as “the industry’s first ecosystem for digital corrugated printing.” HP One Package offers software and solutions from HP and its partners to help converters maximize the flexibility of digital production. The new workflow streamlines submission and preparation of orders, allowing converters to take advantage of an array of digital value-added possibilities – including solutions for consumer engagement of brands and piracy protection using variable data, imagery and unique ID serialization.

HP PageWide T1190 Press.
HP PageWide T1190 Press.

One Package’s production management and automation software also enhances operational performance and optimizes the supply chain. The suite also supports a range of industry third-party workflow solutions, including MIS and pre-press, HP’s powerful print servers, colour management tools, and PrintOS cloud-based management applications. HP One Package complements HP’s growing portfolio of corrugated digital presses, including the HP PageWide C500 press for post-print and the HP PageWide T1190 press for pre-print.

HP PageWide C500 Press.
HP PageWide C500 Press.

Integrating digital production into current print environments, HP One Package allows converters to unlock the potential of digital print, while integrating HP digital presses into existing production and business workflows. In addition to HP’s own workflow components, HP selects and qualifies partners and integrates these products. HP One Package workflow suite solutions include:

  • High-performance print servers featuring high RIP power for demanding post-print and pre-print production. HP Production Prime Print Server is provided on the HP PageWide C500 Press, and HP Production Elite Print Server for the HP PageWide T400S and T1100 series presses. Production Elite also supports high-volume, short-run batch processing of multi-lane jobs.
  • HP One Package Elite – Automation software for high-volume digital pre-print, providing advanced, on-the-fly layout and corrugator preparation. This software is built upon HP PrintOS Site Flow, HP’s leading cloud-based production management solution.
  • HP PrintOS – HP’s open, cloud-based print software platform created for converters to transform the management of IT, production and business, including interaction with brands. HP PrintOS Box simplifies print file receipt, content validation and routing to production. PrintOS Site Flow efficiently manages hundreds of thousands of jobs per day, from web order submission to shipment.
  • HP Packaging Color Studio – Colour management tools and services to meet brand colour standards and optimize colour results in multiple colour modes. HP customers may receive training and colour management consulting from HP’s workflow partner ColorGATE.
  • HP SmartStream Designer, HP Mosaic, and HP SmartStream Composer Variable data printing (VDP) tools to enable sophisticated, high-value jobs for brands. HP SmartStream Designer and HP Mosaic offer unlimited variable data, imagery and colour for high-value brand campaigns. HP SmartStream Composer provides accelerated composition for high-volume applications.
  • HP Link Technology – Embedded marks and codes enable tracking and tracing for brand protection, supply-chain efficiency and customer engagement. With unique serialized marks, every package or display can have a unique digital identity.

Workflow solutions from HP’s One Package partners. HP’s One Package integrates leading workflow solutions from HP’s SmartStream partner ecosystem. Partner solutions now available include ColorGATE, Erhardt+Leimer, Esko, Kiwiplan, PXI Digital (Box It Now) and Witron.

  • Packaging design workflow management, file creation and pre-press automation solutions from Esko.
  • MIS connectivity – Automated file submission and control. HP offers application program interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs), in addition to integration with leading vendors, Kiwiplan and Witron.
  • Web2package – a PrintOS-integrated web-to-print portal solution from workflow partner PXI Digital Solutions (Box It Now), enabling converters to reach more end-users, accelerating the design and ordering process.
  • Corrugator control – Enabling efficient processing of digital pre-printed rolls with integrated solutions from Erhardt+Leimer.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.