Three proven ways to add value, save time and boost profits with in-house print finishing

Post-press binding and finishing in commercial print, packaging, sign and display graphics continues to be important. However, for many printers, improving productivity while reducing costs in their post-press departments remains a problem. Many finishing processes (both in set-up and operation) are still time-consuming, labour-intensive, prone to errors and waste, and often require skilled operators. For some, post-press still represents a costly production “bottleneck.” Canadian print-finishing leader Sydney Stone concentrates on affordable in-house finishing solutions – specifically for the short-run and medium-run markets – that don’t require training or additional staff. Above all, they’re easy to implement. Here are three proven Sydney Stone in-shop technologies that have added customer value, reduced production time and waste, and boosted profits for all types of printers.

sydneystoneaddedvalue-inSpot foil and spot UV coating in-house from 15¢ a sheet

These special effects are visually impressive, elegant, protect your printed pieces and add enormous value for your clients. Coatings also provide protection from moisture, scuffing, scratching and fingerprints. They can be applied as a flood coating (covering an entire printed sheet) or as a spot coating (covering only selected areas) to one or both sides of a printed piece to create a glossy or a dull finish. UV coatings are cured by exposure to ultraviolet light that quickly dries and then hardens the coating. Sydney Stone can get you started with a low-cost, high-return, easy-to-install, in-shop spot foil and spot UV coating DigiFoil System.

sydneystoneaddedvalue1-inSuper-thick MultiLoft Cards

MultiLoft 12” x 18.5” sheets allows printers to produce super-thick business cards, postcards and other specialty items in various shapes and sizes on HP Indigo and other digital presses. Layering can reach up to 64-point. After printing in a standard digital press, the front and back cover sheets are assembled back to back, and insert sheets can be added to increase the thickness. Pressure from the trimming clamp seals the sheets together into “an impressive, elegant card.” After assembly, the sheets can also be die-cut into specialty-shaped cards. Insert sheets are available in white or a dozen different colours to accommodate a client’s artwork.

Dylan Westgate.
Dylan Westgate.

In this 4-minute video, Dylan Westgate, Director at Sydney Stone, explains how easy it is for any printer with a power paper cutter to produce MultiLoft products – and add new revenue streams to their business.

“Printers often ask us for ways to create ultra-thick products,” Westgate said. “MultiLoft offers a solution that’s easy, clean, quick and functional for any printer with a power paper cutter. Adding the MultiLoft product falls directly in line with our goal to source and supply printers in Canada with products they can promote and profit from.”


Laminating has been around for decades. However, recent advances in technology have resulted in some important changes. Laminating films can now be offered in a variety of eye-catching and tactile-pleasing finishes which were formerly only available to those purchasing high volumes. Having finishes such as scuff-free matte, canvas textured and SoftTouch (along with the standard gloss and matte films) now enables printers to offer a finishing solution that enhances the profitability of a printed piece with minimal added physical or capital expense.

Royal Sovereign RSL-2702S Laminator.
Royal Sovereign RSL-2702S Laminator.

Sydney Stone carries a full line of laminators for two-sided and single-sided applications. These low-cost machines can handle mounting, cold films and decal applications – some for an investment of less than $3,000. Laminating machines are available as smaller pouch laminators (for office and short-run use), cold-roll laminators, hot-roll laminators and heat-assist laminators. For example, Royal Sovereign Laminators offer a model for each application you may have – including roll laminators and pouch laminators. Sydney Stone’s Akiles pouch laminators are ideal for the office and small business environments. Finally, a variety of laminating films and UV films are available, depending on your application.

Start adding value today!

Start applying spot foil/UV coating and also order free samples of Sydney Stone’s Multiloft cards. The company can send you samples of instaFoil Gold, Silver and Cleargloss sheets for as low as $15. This will give you the opportunity to attempt the application and see first-hand what value this finish can create for your customers. You can also order free samples of Multiloft sheets used to make ultra-thick business cards.

Please give us permission to contact you to arrange delivery of any of these samples by clicking here: Order Samples.

Sydney Stone was established in 1951 and has grown to become one of the premier Canadian distributors of print finishing equipment and supplies. It imports and represents Morgana, MOHR, EBA, Vivid, Watkiss, Duplo and many other industry-leading print finishing equipment brands worldwide.



Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.