Free whitepaper underscores importance of accommodating customer preferences in building loyalty – and profits

Toronto-based Crawford Technologies, provider of document solutions that streamline, improve and manage customer communications, have announced the release of a new whitepaper it commissioned from analyst firm, Madison Advisors. The research evaluates how leveraging customer preferences can achieve customer retention, operational efficiency and revenue-growth goals. The whitepaper, Manage Customer Preferences Across Communication Channels, shows that as customer preferences evolve in response to the myriad of communication channels currently available, preference management goes well beyond suppressing paper and enabling electronic presentment. In essence, it becomes an integral part of the digital transformation of your customers that can affect not only their loyalty, but also your profits.

The whitepaper reveals that listening to prospects and customers still presents a challenge for companies with multiple business units, departments, databases and communication channels. Businesses, print and otherwise, often struggle with the ability to seamlessly aggregate and integrate the information from those channels. Also, centralization and integration with the enterprise’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and other marketing databases can be difficult due to legacy infrastructures or numerous ‘data silos’ running on incompatible technologies. To establish a genuine, compliant and customer-focused preference management initiative requires the ability to rely on a single repository of preference data and intelligent distribution to all appropriate parties within a company. Vital features of a customer preference management system include flexibility, security, simplicity and regulatory compliance.

“Today, organizations must be able to receive, record and maintain customer preferences from channels that span in format from digital, print, large-format, braille, web, mobile and audio,” said Dave Erwin, Principal Analyst at Madison Advisors. “Allowing customers to decide contact, product and personal preferences at a granular level enables brands to deliver the rich experience customers are seeking. Crawford Technologies developed PRO Preference Manager to answer these needs. It’s a stand-alone solution that delivers value via a self-service interface that securely and easily accommodates preferences from customers across all generations, and all preferred channels.”

To downloads the free whitepaper, Manage Customer Preferences Across Communication Channels, please click here.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.