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The Duplo DC-645 from Print Digital Solutions.
Duplo DC-645 from Print Digital Solutions.

For far too many printers today, finishing is a production “bottleneck” when it should really be a profit centre. Imagine a slitter/cutter/creaser that can perform up to 6 slits, 15 cuts and 10 creases in a single pass! Imagine being able to automatically process up to 26 sheets per minute, handle up to 350 gsm, and have a scanner that reads barcodes and registration marks quickly! Imagine options that include scoring, perforating and business cards! Well, the finishing experts at Scarborough, Ontario-based Print Digital Solutions (PDS, have the answer – the Duplo DC-645 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser. This all-in-one finishing solution is ideal for short-run to mid-run volumes. It eliminates white borders and prevents toner cracking on fold lines on a wide range of full-bleed applications. Best of all, as already mentioned, its Integrated Folding System incorporates an inline knife folder, enabling users to finish and fold applications in a single pass! Check out this short video that outlines what this state-of-the-art machine can do:




How the Duplo DC-645 helped this Minnesota printer

How can PDS’ cutting-edge finishing solutions help your shop to reduce costs, boost profits and make your shop much more productive? Well, likely the same way that Duplo solutions helped a Minnesota-based commercial printer. Here’s what happened when Western Graphics of St. Paul, Minnesota chose the Duplo DC-645 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser.

Chuck Vacha, Director of Technology at Western Graphics of St. Paul, Minnesota, with the Xerox iGen3, Duplo DC-645 and Ultra 205A UV Coater.
Chuck Vacha, Director of Technology at Western Graphics of St. Paul, Minnesota, with the Xerox iGen3, Duplo DC-645 and Ultra 205A UV Coater.

The Challenge

With its short-run applications increasing, its finishing capabilities simply couldn’t meet the new demands. “What we found when we first went digital, was that our jobs became shorter and we were doing more of them. On the finishing side, it made it tougher with the different set-ups and need for quick changeovers, so it slowed things down,” recalled Chuck Vacha, Director of Technology at Western Graphics. “Finishing is very important, obviously, for scoring, perfing and trimming. You typically just don’t print it and then hand it off to people. You always need to finish it to some degree.” So, the search began for an efficient finishing solution that could complement the shop’s Xerox presses.

The solution

The solution turned out to be the Duplo DC-645 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser. Ideal for digital colour and short-run applications, the DC-645 makes it possible to slit, cut, and crease full-bleed documents in a single pass. Its high automation, ease of use, and all-in-one functionality reduced both set-up and downtime, permitting Western Graphics to keep up with its on-demand deadlines. “We needed something. We didn’t realize how much we needed it until we had it,” Vacha said. “We looked at the DC-645 and thought it was very versatile and consistent. And we could create standard templates that allowed us to run 80 different jobs through it and not have to go through set-up – we just hit two numbers and go.”

The applications and the benefits

Vacha currently uses the DC-645 primarily for its scoring functions and business card module – an application that they previously avoided and were unable to handle efficiently. Not only has the DC-645 increased Western’s capabilities, but it has also demonstrated to be the right match to the Xerox digital presses. “With the iGen3s, it worked out well because it took the full sheet size, allowed us to work with the same operator who was running that press, and could in turn manually load the DC-645, then pre-program the finishing style. If we got too busy, we’d bring somebody in. But for the most part, and for the quantities we’re doing, the operator is able to keep up. So, it’s like getting free finishing! It enabled us to be quicker, more efficient, package everything, and in turn, we box it right out of our digital area. Instead of cutting it up, putting it in line, and waiting for a day, it gets finished right then and there, and boxed up in labels,” Vacha added. “There’s nothing else like it that I’ve seen.”

A UV coating solution from Duplo, the Ultra 205A Ultraviolet Document Coater, has since been added for high quality, cost-effective UV coating for its digitally-printed and offset-printed documents. With effortless set-up via a touchscreen, a high gloss or satin finish can be produced on a variety of applications such as book covers and mailers. “It gives a real nice look to it,” said Vacha. “The Duplo multi-function devices have allowed us to do our finishing. Finishing is huge.” Vacha added he can now finish jobs faster inline or near-line without too much time being wasted.

Can the Duplo 645 help your business?

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Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.