Southern Lithoplate releases newspaper-focused whitepaper: 25 More Ways To Improve Your Print Products in 2017

Bill Ostendorf.
Bill Ostendorf.

Published by Creative Circle Media Solutions in collaboration with Southern Lithoplate (SLP), along with Strategic Alliance partners MW Stange LLC and Presteligence, the new whitepaper was developed specifically for newspaper publishers and production management. Bill Ostendorf, Creative Circle’s President and Founder, added: “Publishers readily acknowledge that print is still the main driver of a newspaper’s revenues while proportionately responsible for a significant share of the costs. That’s why newspaper management is looking for opportunities to optimize print revenues, fully understanding too, that their operations may not been creating, manufacturing and delivering the print product as efficiently and effectively as they might.”

25 MORE Ways to Improve Your Print Products in 2017 is the SLP’s Alliance team’s contribution to the conversation about how newspapers can make more money with print while spending less doing it. The new 48-page whitepaper is actually a colourful, casually worded collection of short and sharply written articles with suggestions, tips, recommendations and thought-provoking ideas for newspapers and newspaper publishers. “Our research has confirmed that publishers want more info to help them develop creative strategies and plans to generate new print revenue streams, plus learn where they can cut costs or change procedures to help achieve higher margins and profits,” said Southern Lithoplate Senior Vice President, Steve Mattingly. “This whitepaper is an excellent resource for that.”

The new whitepaper is a sequel to the popular 25 Ways To Improve Your Print Products in 2016, also a 48-page publication. Both whitepapers are available as full-colour PDFs that can be downloaded at:

Southern Lithoplate (SLP) is headquartered in Wake Forest, North Carolina, near the world-renowned Research Triangle Park. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in North Carolina and Michigan. SLP supplies digital and analogue lithoplates to more than 1,800 newspapers and commercial printers across Canada, the U.S. and around the world. Its lithoplates deliver superior image quality and consistent, durable and sustainable performance “that has firmly established us as the value leader,” the company added.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.