Must see: Trudeau talks trade and shared values in Toronto June 22

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with N.Y. Times’ Peter Baker and Catherine Porter.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with N.Y. Times’ Peter Baker and Catherine Porter.

NAFTA may be renegotiated. The Paris climate accord’s future is in doubt. NATO is under renewed scrutiny. Refugee policy is the subject of fierce debate. Six months into Donald Trump’s presidency and 18 months into Justin Trudeau’s tenure, every aspect of Canada’s closest and most important alliance is being reconsidered. What are the economic ramifications? How might Canada’s role in the global community change? Where is the appropriate balance between our core values and dollars?

Following an invitation from the N.Y. Times, Graphic Arts Magazine attended a 60-minute talk on Canada-U.S. trade relations held Thursday, June 22 at The University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Moderators were Chief N.Y. Times White House Correspondent Peter Baker and N.Y. Times Canadian Bureau Chief Catherine Porter.

With some 9 million jobs and a trillion dollars in trade at stake, Trudeau emphasized the importance of NAFTA and stressed mutual benefits and shared values. “There are massive levels of intersectionality between us, making it extremely important to have a constructive working relationship. One of the things I’ve learned is that he (Trump) actually does listen,” Trudeau revealed. “He’ll be open to shifting his position and that’s something we can definitely work with.” Trudeau said the two leaders often discuss issues on which they share common views and values, as well as issues where they disagree. “Canada will continue to chart its own path – and even close friends like the U.S. don’t want Canada to be, or be seen as, simply an extension of American policy.”

Here’s a live feed from the event. This close-up of our Prime Minister is well worth your time (and has some insights into his strategies, his way of thinking, his way of connecting with Trump and the U.S., as well as some shared laughs):




Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.