A close look at the strategy and product range of the new Manroland Goss Web Systems

Manroland Web Systems (Augsburg, Germany) and Goss International (Durham, New Hampshire), both world-leading long-time web offset printing manufacturers and service providers, announced that they officially completed the transaction to combine their businesses in mid-August of 2018. The new company is now operating under the brand “Manroland Goss Web Systems” and is currently the strongest supplier to web printing companies worldwide. Alexander Wassermann, CEO of Manroland Web Systems, became CEO of the new company with global headquarters in Augsburg, Germany. The company’s North American headquarters are in Durham, New Hampshire. The blockbuster merger enabled a global market presence, a broader product range, technological excellence, long-term comprehensive customer support, and e-business in the web-offset printing market. The new company intends to be a high-performance partner for all web printers. “The common goal is to drive the performance of customers with a ‘best of the best’ approach,” it added. Here’s a closer look at the new company and its portfolio.

Manroland Goss Web Systems will concentrate on four main business areas:

  1. System Solutions (highly automated press and post-press equipment, including pre-owned and press relocations).
  2. Engineered Solutions (mechanical, automation and closed-loop solutions for all types of presses).
  3. Service Solutions (best-in-class service in parts, labour, tele-support and performance based service agreements).
  4. E-Commerce Solutions (electronic marketplace for efficient ordering and logistics performance for all suppliers to the web-offset industry).

The combined company will leverage its successful structural and technological developments in recent years within new product developments, expansive aftermarket product offerings, and development of a lean business structure in line with overall market trends, to build “a strong business platform for the future.”

System Solutions. Highly automated press and post-press equipment create sustainable success for today’s print operations. To assure the most effective levels of quality and waste reduction for customers, the Manroland Goss Group is continuing to focus on the development and manufacturing of printing systems, which support existing production needs and enable new business models. System Solutions from Manroland Goss are supported by certified pre-owned solutions, as well as press re-location services.

Engineered Solutions. The manroland Goss Group focuses on utilizing the combined expertise of their experienced, specialist engineers to provide mechanical, automation and closed-loop solutions for all types and all brands of web presses. Innovatively engineered components and system improvements aim to satisfy customers’ needs to develop more powerful production centres within existing pressrooms.

Service Solutions. With its increased presence of international service hubs spanning the globe, the Manroland Goss merger has created an even tighter net of comprehensive support for its customers. The company clearly aims at providing the highest level of excellence through accurate and efficient service, competitive pricing for parts and labour, experienced tele-support, and service agreements to increase uptime on a 24/365 basis.

E-Commerce Solutions. Its Market-X B2B online platform offers existing and new users an opportunity to provide a “one-stop-shopping” experience to customers. Utilizing up-to-date online STORE technology, the platform has expanded as a base for partner companies to provide parts and components to their customers in the printing sector via a well-established e-commerce solution. Market-X provides a marketplace for all suppliers to the industry, “turning efficient logistics into a game changer,” the company added.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.