A 25-year printing industry veteran from British Columbia shares his insights

Doug Frederickson.

Doug Frederickson is a member of the Minuteman Press International President’s Million-Dollar Club. Here, he shares some valuable insights about franchising and the printing industry in general.

Celebrating 25 years in business in Surrey, British Columbia, Minuteman Press franchise owner Doug Frederickson is living proof that the modern printing industry is not just alive, but thriving. “We’ve had continued increases in sales every year since we started. The business has evolved and we’ve grown with the new opportunities that those changes have presented.” Frederickson credits Minuteman Press International for his ability to market his business and embrace new products and services that are in demand by his B2B customers. “Being a franchisee with Minuteman Press gives me access to a big toolbox with so many tools in it,” he added. “Their vendor programs have been extremely helpful. They’re able research equipment, offer expert guidance, and get contracts and rates I couldn’t get on my own. Then, there’s the unique Minuteman Press franchise system itself. To create my own system would be mind-numbing and almost impossible. They continually add products, conduct R&D, and connect me with a network of other owners. You get a level of support and camaraderie you just can’t find. I’ve learned valuable lessons from Minuteman Press franchisees that have been in business for two months to 30 years!”

The team at Doug Frederickson’s Minuteman Press franchise located at 7561 134A Street in Surrey, BC.

Changing careers and building a business that helps others grow. Prior to becoming a franchisee, Frederickson worked long hours in retail. “For 11 years, I worked as a manager for Canadian Tire. At tha time I was looking to move forward. I really wanted to take back my life and gain time that was being spent working.” Today, his time is virtually his own, as is his facility. “The ability to purchase our own premises was huge. Also, I love seeing the growth of my employees as they have become team members instead of just staff. We have grown from a staff of 3 to 28 team members today.”

While there have been major changes to the industry and his client base, he and his team still get that same level of satisfaction and gratitude when their customers are happy. “We love how diverse we’re able to be in helping our clients. We used to have a lot of mom-and-pop organizations as clients and we still do. However, we have added commercial accounts, buyers, and companies with multiple offices. The automotive sector is one of many industries in which we’ve seen significant growth.” As for how he builds relationships and secures new business, he revealed that not much has changed over 25 years. “The Minuteman Press marketing program we’ve been doing since day one is still by far the most effective way of doing this. We keep our clients by always finding solutions. It’s important to know that I have a team behind me to help me get to those solutions. The team has been instrumental in building this business, and we all have the same attitude of working together and getting the job done, despite our different roles.”

Reflecting on 25 years – and advice for others. It’s like the stars aligning,” Frederickson said. “There were challenges and triumphs, but when you really look back, you get to see the fruits of your labour. I had one son that was two years old when I started, and Minuteman Press gave me the opportunity to have complete control of my time. There have been many benefits, but that’s the most important one to me.” His advice for other aspiring and current entrepreneurs is simple: “Stay positive because there are rewards at the end of this rainbow.”

Frederickson’s Minuteman Press franchise is located at 7561 134A Street in Surrey, BC. For more information please visit http://minutemansurrey.com.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.