Sandy Alexander shifts to producing 5,000 PETG Face Shields per day

Sandy Alexander (Clifton, NJ), a U.S. commercial printing and marketing leader, has stepped up to the plate and decided to manufacture PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) face shields at all of its printing facilities across America to help front-line healthcare workers and others fight the COVID-19 Pandemic. To assist with the safety of first responders and medical professionals, and address the immediate and critical lack of supply, the Sandy Alexander team created a process in which it can “easily supply protective face shields to those in need.” These shields meet ANSI Z87.1 standards for splash protection, and can be wiped down using disinfecting wipes or alcohol pads to be reused or disposed of – whichever the user prefers. Each shield is fastened with an adjustable head strap (with Velcro fastener) for easy size adjustment, plus a comfort-fit foam band on the forehead. Sandy Alexander’s print manufacturing facilities include the New York-New Jersey, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Orlando, and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. All facilities can produce face shields and are currently being supplied with the appropriate materials at this time, the company added.

Mike Graf.

“Being a provider of other critical services and deemed an essential business by the states in which we manufacture, I learned first-hand of the need for medical supplies in the New York metropolitan area,” said Mike Graff, Sandy Alexander President and CEO. “I’m from Rockland County. As an active member of the first-responder network and former New City, New York Fire Chief, I heard through several friends the difficulty their loved ones working in the medical field were having dealing with this pandemic. Once I found out we could manufacture our own shields with our current equipment, we set up a supply chain for the PETG plastic and immediately began production. We can produce up to 5,000 shields per day and hope our national footprint can help us get these shields to first responders quickly.”