APTech launches LeadingPRINT Forum April 23

The Association for PRINT Technologies (APTech, Reston, Viriginia) has launched its LeadingPRINT Forum – a new, executive-level education and networking event that will be held Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The inaugural event will bring together some of the best and most experienced leaders in the … Read more →

How Canadian banks work with with printers

Where do companies turn for financing if they are looking to start a business or expand their current operations? Perhaps companies could secure required funding through a venture capitalist, or more traditionally, by securing a business loan from a bank. However, when faced with today’s economic realities, it may be harder than ever to secure a loan from a bank, especially when there are factors built into the loan formula that make it harder for higher risk industries to be approved for loans.

Printing Survivor Sept. 20 presentation: The state of our industry: creating our own recovery

Once in our industry it was enough to hunker down, cut, and freeze until the economy turned up or the competition shook out. Not anymore. In his talk, Joseph P. Truncale, Ph.D., CAE, President & Chief Executive Officer, NAPL, will discuss why we now have to create our own recovery and how we can get started. Among the topics Dr. Truncale will cover:

Content with a benefit

This summer I had the opportunity to travel to Europe. As I took in the sites I kept my eyes peeled for interesting print applications. One thing I noticed is that Europe (in the face of economic woe) appeared to be covered head to toe in advertising. As an example, the bill at a restaurant was brought to me in a colourful paperboard folder. Inside it along with the bill were two pieces of packaged gum.

View from the publisher – September 2012

I hope you had an enjoyable summer and took some time off to recharge your batteries, or spent some time with your family and loved ones. A successful Olympics saw Canada win 18 medals overall with the U.S. topping the list at 104. Congratulations to all our athletes and to London for staging such a great show. We thought we’d kick September off with a bang.

The impact of colour in your exhibition

The success or failure of your exhibition plans can sometimes be linked to something as simple as colour. Colour appears everywhere from your website homepage to your brochure, but at a show the place colour makes its greatest impact is in your display. Yet without some forethought a small miscalculation in choosing the right colour can spell disaster.

Helping you help your customers – June 2012

Printer Gateway helps clients to solidify their revenue-producing customers with customized web-to-print technology
For over seven years, Printer Gateway, an award-winning trade printer and leader in green printing based in Toronto, has prospered based on many core philosophies. One in particular is that “every customer is not a printing job, but a lifelong partner.” As a result, the company has developed solid print-provider relationships in the trade-only industry across North America.

At drupa – right now

Manroland sheetfed is presenting a host of head-turning innovations reflecting the tradition of excellence associated with its brand. “Visitors to our stand will clearly observe the power of manroland sheetfed solutions to help their companies face the many challenges of today’s printing industry with the most innovative and productive sheetfed offset solutions in the industry,” said Alfred Rothlaender, President of manroland sheetfed.

DIA Celebrating 25 years

The Printing business was very different in 1987 – Gutenberg would be astonished at the changes in the industry over the past 25 years. Market sectors were at their zenith. Typesetting companies such as Cooper & Beatty, MonoLino, and Typesettra and pre-press companies like Batten Graphics, Bomac Batten and H&S Reliance (to name a few) were stand-alone markets. Then there were printing companies: Arthurs Jones, Clarke Litho, MIL, and MM&T come to mind.

Advancement of PDF: PDF/VT

When I started planning to write this article, I knew that it would benefit greatly with input from leading experts on the PDF/VT specification. In my opinion, Adobe has played a very key role in initiating, evangelizing and supporting PDF/VT, most likely driven by the demand for use of the Adobe PDF Print Engine to drive digital presses.

Paper makes you look so good

On Wednesday February 15, 2012, the Digital Imaging Association held a fact-filled session about trends, pricing implications, and the evolution of a key commodity for printers – PAPER. Attendees came away with substantive information to share with their clients about the strong position paper and printing continue to hold in our multi-media communications world.