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​What is in this guide?

​Inkjet driven technologies are so widespread now, and change so quickly, that it’s difficult to stay abreast of all new developments. This is especially true for the wide-format sector. This guide gathers all relevant information that you may need in one place.

​Market Projections 

​We ​delve into projections about the multi-billion dollar Wide Format market and highlight new market opportunities that you can take advantage of to secure growth for your business.

​The Technology

​As the technology evolves, you will need to keep up and ensure that your business is not falling behind. We go into detail about the various technologies in this market. Telling you what you need to know to be up to date and be well positioned for the future.

​With the right combination of having the right technology and knowing how to market and sell the benefits of that technology to your clients, you will be well positioned for generating new revenue for your business. 

Integration and Funding

​Knowing the technology and its opportunities is not enough. We share strategies you can use to integrate Wide Format into your business. We then cover strategies to access provincial funding that will help with the integration of new technology into your business.


​Now that you have the technology, it is important to know how to skillfully transform print into an intended product. In this guide we cover the intricacies of successful and profitable finishing. 

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