Canon introduces new media options for large format

Architecture and construction are two of many applications for Canon’s new media.

Calling them “pivotal new media options,” Canon Solutions America has introduced a series of new media options that offer an extended range of applications for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) and CAD markets. The new media range, offered by Canon Solutions America’s Large Format Division, has doubled in size from 12 to 26 different options designed to seamlessly handle everything from architectural applications to banners, backlit signs, to fabric and window clings.

The newest offerings include 2-millimetre clear polyester film with low tack adhesive (CCLG), 4-millimetre clear polyester film (4CFI), and 27-pound Premiere Xtreme (XTRM) bond. These media options were developed to extend the functionality of the Océ ColorWave 650, 500, and 700 print systems. Canon’s large-format customers utilizing these print engines are now equipped with a broader, more dynamic range of applications that include state-of-the-art graphic products and services, said the OEM.

Sal Sheikh.
Sal Sheikh.

“Expanding our applications and media options is our way of ensuring that our customers stay ahead of the curve as the large format print industry continues to advance rapidly,” said Sal Sheikh, Vice President, Marketing, Large Format Solutions, Canon Solutions America.

“With the launch of our new media, customers can take advantage of applications that can directly impact their ability to offer services that will differentiate them from their competition. These cutting-edge media options offer versatility, enhanced printing capabilities, and high quality solutions for organizations of all sizes.”

canonocemediaoptions1-in• 4CFI is a 4-millimetre optically clear 100% polyester film with a white interleave for overlays, designed for the planning, construction and architecture markets. It’s dimensionally stable to hold fine registration marks and colour mark-ups for overlaying an existing set-up of plans. It also contains a special coating that works with Oce’s Crystal Point Technology for excellent print quality. The white interleave is added to protect it while transporting, but also to ensure efficient paper handling. It’s available in 24” and 36” widths and 150’ lengths on a 3″ core.

• XTRM 27-pound Premiere Xtreme Bond offers a more durable and water-resistant plan set. This paper comprises two quality grades of bond with a Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) sheet applied in between for durability and tear resistance. It can be used for construction and architecture applications, as well as on-site mapping guides with more information and detail. It’s available in 24”, 30”, 36″ and 42” by 200′ lengths on a 3″ core.

• CCLG is a 2-millimetre clear film with low tack adhesive. It’s an optically clear option with a heated toner coating for reliable toner adhesion. A special media profile allows users to add extra toner for denser window-cling images for the final application. CCLG installs easily with water, and when removed, leaves no residue. The media is available in 30” widths by 100’ lengths on a 3″ core.



Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.