New ISA whitepaper explores opportunities in growing wide-format market

isawhitepaperwf-inOver the next four years, according to the International Sign Association (ISA), wide-format production graphics are expected to nearly double in North America, creating significant opportunities. But understanding those opportunities and related challenges can be complex. The ISA’s new whitepaper, Wide Format Print Trends, Opportunities & Challenges: Identifying Areas of Untapped Potential in the Wide Format Market, is designed to help sign, graphics and visual communication professionals understand more. The whitepaper is compiled by InfoTrends and includes research that shows that print volumes for wide-format production graphics in North America are expected to rise from about 460 million square meters (over 4.9 billion square feet) in 2015 to 849 million square meters (9.1 billion square feet) by 2020. According to the whitepaper, “There’s clearly a great deal of untapped potential in the wide-format market, and businesses that can leverage this opportunity will be well-positioned for future success. Survey respondents who were currently offering wide-format printing services were quite optimistic about their wide-format volumes.”

isawhitepaperwf1-inThe whitepaper also explores technological advances that are fueling this growth, soft signage opportunities, competition from commercial printers, the demand for increased throughput, single-pass printing, and wide-format packaging. The report is the latest in a series of projects devoted to expanding the knowledge of wide-format printing. Other topics include reviews of cutting devices, substrates and textiles. This latest whitepaper, as well as other wide-format research, is available at It’s free for ISA and Affiliated Association members and $24.95 for non-members.

The International Sign Association (ISA) represents manufacturers, suppliers and users of on-premise signs and sign products from Canada, the United States and 60 other countries around the world. ISA and its Affiliated Associations work to support, promote and improve the worldwide sign and graphics industry.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.