U.S. printing company partners on new product to reduce pollution

Vincent Printing Company is doing its part to reduce pollution with the adoption of EnhanceAir technology.
Vincent Printing  is reducing pollution with the adoption of new EnhanceAir technology.

Vincent Printing Company is a large-format printer that’s been doing business in Chattanooga, Tennessee for more than 60 years. It recently partnered with Pureti Group LLC to market a coating called EnhanceAir, which actually purifies the air for outdoor advertising materials. Thanks to photocatalytic technology, when sunlight hits the coating, it prompts a series of reactions that takes humidity and oxygen from the air and briefly turns them into cleaning agents that scrub the air of pollutants, said Beau Wells, Vincent Printing Director of National Sales and Business Development. The process cleans the air of pollutants, including volatile organic compounds and nitrous oxides, which are key components in the formation of pollution such as smog.

Beau Wells.
Beau Wells.

“One billboard in the market for one year has the capacity to reverse effects of 10 cars driving 10,000 miles per year,” Wells revealed. EnhanceAir will be available for three segments of its business – out-of-home ads such as billboards, fleet and transit graphics such as bus shelters, and event graphics such as signage consumers see at sporting events. The EnhanceAir topcoat is applied as a clear finish that doesn’t impact the appearance of the advertising. Wells added that clients can use EnhanceAir to show they’re serious about environmental sustainability. “We’re talking about a significant approach and a significant position for our customers to take,” he said. “A lot of brands are starting to take environmental issues on themselves. What we’re giving them is a tool to capitalize on that.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.